Antique Finishes

Antiqued and distressed  on a new door

Atlanta Kitchen Makeovers, Antiqued and Distressed Paint on a New Door

Antique finishes can be beautiful and add a classic elegance to cabinetry and furniture. They can be natural wood finishes, or painted. Paint and varnish become more amber in color as they age. This happens by in large, because they are oil based products. These oils change in composition over time. The amber tones will be more apparent if additional coats were applied over the years to seal the finish. Especially in the corners an along the edges wear the paint and or varnish tend to be thicker. You will also notice it on the panels and faces as brush strokes become highlighted.

Genuine  Antiques are also likely too checker or crack  as they age. You  may also see evidence of wear and tear do to daily use. All these effects create an interesting patina that make antiques prized positions. Thankfully, the beauty of these finishes are not limited by age alone. It can be replicated by a skilled artisan on new surfaces as well as old. Here are  some examples from my portfolio.

Atlanta Kitchen Makeovers,Antique Paneling and Custom vanity

Atlanta Kitchen Makeovers,Antique Paneling and Custom vanity


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